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2007-02-06 : Shopping was a bust.
Well. Lunch is really the highlight of work. After a hard morning’s work, I get to go off for a nice lunch, which may be Indian food, Italian Pasta (yum!), Economy rice, Claypot rice, Malay food, etc etc etc =) and after that I can top it off with a choice of desert, like chendol, bubor chacha, ice kachang, and the list just goes on and on! Of course, you can only eat good desert if you go to the Science canteen or the NUH staff canteen… But I digress. Lunch is good. It’s the highlight of my day.

Of course, going home is even better than lunch.

Anyway, I really need to go do my shopping, my cupboard is really empty of good stuff. So I went with Kat on Sunday to look at jeans. We looked and looked, and I tried on lots of jeans, and modeled and tried and modeled and tried… And I’m pleased to say that we (I) came to the conclusion that… that my current pair is the best pair.

I’m gonna have to start looking for another pair of jeans and they probably won’t be Levi’s.

Now, anyone want to go shopping with someone who’s incredibly indecisive?

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