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2007-01-06 : Kayaking

Mm, drifit really rocks. I went kayaking today and even though I got wet, I didn’t have to change anything! Just walked around awhile with the drifit shirt on and it was dry in a jiffy. My pants weren’t exactly drifit, but they dried almost as quickly as the shirt. Unfortunately my underwear wasn’t drifit though, so I had to walk around for 5 or 6 hours feeling uncomfortably damp. Too much information, I know. =)

-pauses to let the silence of too much information pass-

(There’s no drifit underwear. I think. It’d be too uncomfortable I think? Or maybe not! But anyway as weijie and I realized, you’d be able to pee in your drifit undies… And just wait for them to dry! What a revolutionary invention. It’d make public toilets redundant. Haha. )

Ideas that could only come from a guy.

My forearms are a nice tan colour (they will be by tomorrow anyway) and my upper arms are a not-so-tan colour. I look like some strange hybrid. Or maybe someone with arm transplants. Somebody else’s arms.


I’d like to call yesterday a rather bittersweet day but I can’t fully because it ended up being mostly sweet. I was going to get off work early at 530 instead of 6 to go and claim my modeling luckydraw thing, but it turned out that work ends at 530 on Fridays anyway, so that suited me fine. So I rushed out, and the bus had just come, and when I got to the station, the train had just arrived, and I transferred at Dhoby Ghaut to the NEL, and the train had just arrived… You get the point.

It sort of went downhill from there, because I failed to realize that Park Lane =/= Park Mall. Haha. So I went to Park Mall, couldn’t find the place and realized I was at Park MALL. So then it was a rush to get to Park Lane, which by the way was really hard to find because it was a building joined to another 3 buildings. So I thought it was one building and walked around in front of it calling the modeling center and getting confused.

But it wasn’t all bad, because:

1. I met jiarui on the way to Park Lane! I was sort of walking past Cathay with my mind kind of blank apart for “argh parkmall =/= parklane” and then I looked at her because she looked kind of pretty… and then I noticed she was looking at me, and then I realized she looked kind of familiar, and then… I realized I knew her! Heh. She really looks good =) Fated.

2. the modeling center usually closes at 630, but the girl there was nice enough to wait there for me to arrive and register. =) (Plus, she was quite pretty, so it was rather nice after rushing all the way there.) Although I guess it was the makeup? But makeup isn’t everything. Just an enhancer for stuff that’s already there.

ANYWAY so it was quite satisfying.

And I missed the first lesson to go kayaking today.

Wow this entry reaches a second page. This is some sort of record.

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