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2006-08-15 : Rantings.
You know what they say about retail therapy? I wonder if buying lots and lots of test papers counts. Or maybe getting the many prelim papers the school printed for us (and then collected money for) bound? Does that count? No obviously not. I canít think of anything better to blog about, so this is sort of the result..

Can you believe a large proportion of my meager allowance is going to the photocopying shop this month? Itís surprising how much you can spend on test papersÖ

Aanyway. I was thinking, if you want to open a Rotiboy copycat shop, you can open one with me! Iíve got a few ideasÖLike you could call the shop PavaROTI and your mascot could be this tiny singing guy in a tux! And all your workers could talk faux Italian. Or something.

I am most incredibly bored. And tired of forcibly feeding torrents of mathematical formulae into the deepest workings of my brain, upon which they immediately seek an escape route and gush out of my ears. The scalpel of complex algebraic formulae upon a foolscap pad cuts the soft, yielding tissue of my inner brain!

Our instructor in the area of writing essays and answering comprehension questions has beseeched us to attempt to add some flair to our writing style. Please witness my half-witted, miserable, pathetic sentences and the attempt to induce in you the thought that I am possessed of a command of language strong and powerful, and inform me if you, by some unlikely chance, are taken in by this masterful deception.

Masterful.. Thatís a good word.

written at 9:29 p.m.

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