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2005-04-12 : Boredness.
Our GP tutor (also known as that "ting")must be the worse GP tutor in the history of GP tutors! Err the language GP not the maths GP.

Unfortunately during GP i couldnt be bothered to listen to her opinions on essay outlines anymore (she didnt even have a model answer, dammit! She was just saying what came into her mind. What's the use in copying unplanned thought, eh?) So i started doodling, and ended up with half a page of foolscap of essay outline, and another half full of crappy ambigrams.

For your viewing pleasure, the meager work i acheived in 1 period of GP tutorial. The LT1 one was done in 10s at the end of maths lecture as i was keeping my stuff. There's a copy of it on one of the LT1 tables in pencil =X So if you see it i don't know anything!

written at 9:00 p.m.

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