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2005-04-11 : Aunties!
VJ must have the bitchiest aunties in all Singapore! The photostating shop aunties are the worse, but only because there are two of them. Catch them on a good day and you’ll get a frown from both and not a word. On a bad day… They’ll probably double team you will auntie scoldings and shove you out the door.

The worst individual auntie award goes to the bookshop auntie. I went there to change my pants today. No! Not that way. Anyway, I went to change 2 pairs of sch long pants cos the buckles were rusty. (how hell does stainless steel become rusty?) And she just ignored me for about 2 minutes, Then finally she asked what I wanted. And her face was sour and everything.

I stood there in fear. Told her about the pants. And she muttered something like “take them out”.. Thereafter she kept muttering stuff about how she was going to have to go to so much trouble and how she wasn’t paid to do this… When she finally saw the pants she was like “like kiam cai!”

I fled as soon as possible.

written at 9:55 p.m.

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