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2005-04-09 : VJChoir is rock. As in rock my sock.
VJChoir rocks. It really rocks. I never knew choir could rock so much. When I was in DHS the main point of fun was the songs. But here itís just different. First, there are guys my age. Muahaha! Hmm so maybe itís a moot point for most other ppl, but trust me, when you go 4 years being the only guy in your level in choir, itís definitely refreshing to have other guys to talk to. Who arenít juniors. Not that juniors are bad.

Anyway. I have to learn all the songs by heart by next week, which is kindof shitty. See what being a 2nd Intaker does to you.

Ironically, my class is rather like my TJ class. I guess fate just has it in for me eh? Like I have to be assigned to this category of people for 2 years or something. Just find it weird. Why canít I have a more English class? But never mind, choir is like quite good compensation. The people are niceee. And I guess theyíre slightly more important than class ppl cos I seem to see them more? Hmm actually I donít. But It seems like I do. Aaanyway.


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