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2004-08-11 : Eng Olevel Oral
If anyone by any chance doesn’t want to be friends anymore, just say so. It’s like slashing; the pain is temporary, but it relieves frustrations that might otherwise have lasted for a longer period of time.


English O level oral… Was today. I guess it was ok? I don’t really know for sure because the two examiners were both smiling occasionally… I think I can get at least a b3… Hope, more like. Anyway it’s over… So too bad.

After that played a bit of bball then Ho Wan and I went over to the club to play pool… Too bad there was this AHS guy and this other really pro Indian guy… Yup so we challenged them because the club only has 1 pool table… Sucky eh? Not really a challenge… More like if they wanted to play.

We were trashed. Lost by 4 balls? And I fouled twice thrice? Oh man. I’m not usually so bad….

Anyway it was fun, I guess.

Good luck for O level oral everyone… Even you, rach. =P


A friend once said I should count my blessings in terms of friends… And not bother about those people who don’t seem to really be your friends… I think it’s mostly true… But I can’t bring myself to just let go of some people… I don’t know. I just find it rather… Brutal.

But sometimes aren’t they brutal to me as well? What’s the fucking use of being a nice guy if most people just fucking take you for granted?

I wish I was handsome .Then it would be so much easier… I could just be AP to people and be on the other side for once…

It’s only when you don’t have something that you realize its worth.


Well whatever. The main reason I adopted this lifestyle was to get away from this sort of thing… But too bad huh? Looks like It’s not working.

I used to think life isn’t fair… Now I know it’s just me.

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