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2004-05-10 : Long long entry!
Hehe. I would have blogged yesterday, but it would have been a real drag typing on the on-screen keyboard. My mother got fed up of my not covering the keyboard and letting it get rusty, so she confiscated the keyboard for one day. :S But Iíve got it back, so this entry is hereÖ

There was choir practice today. I think we actually sounded quite good. Though I could see that sister was getting really frustratedÖ If youíre reading this, donít be alright? Itís like that sometimesÖ And at least youíre not jerroldÖ Just think of him. He has the guys all the time and I can tell they usually donít pay attention during sectionals. Haha. If any of you guys are reading this, pay attention more during sectionals k?

Well, thereís Kaleidoscope on Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow I get to skip triple EngÖ Weíre gonna get leave forms and show the teachers the items for the fringe concert. Haha. At least I wonít be bored. Good luck for tomorrow guys!


Hmmm. I donít think anyone from 4A reads this whoíll do anything about it (except Roger, and if you tell anyone about this entry Iíll shove your nike bottle down your throat) and so I am free to write my true feelingsÖ

Dawn and that group were nice enough to ask me to go with them on Thursday. I think thatís nice, but somehow I canít seem to fit in much here. I mean in DHS. I think itís the same anywhere. I thought it was getting better for a while, but sometimes I really know Iím not on the same wavelength as them. I mean while sometimes itís alright, at others itís a real strain to find out what makes them laugh. And life isnít UT2004. Thereís no being omniscient in real life. I donít know when people are irritated with me and even if I do, I usually donít know why they areÖ

Haha. I guess what comes naturally to others doesnít to meÖ I donít know. And Iím not sensitive eitherÖ A good example is the fact that I have absolutely no idea why Pein is treating me like Iím her worst enemyÖ Yeah.

Heh. So I think I should try to make it with them on Thursday, but Iím afraid that Iíll feel out of placeÖ I mean the whole group of them are so witty. And me? Ummmm. Hahaha. I think no more need be said?


Haha. While I dwell on the implications of a friendless existence, this is really mostly in the sec 4 level. I get along fine with the sec 3s, especially those in the choir. And some of the sec2s too. Haha. So actually itís not that badÖ But Iíd really like to be able to fit in with the sec 4sÖ

Haha. Actually, this creates an interesting problem.... Who am I ask to go to grad nite with me? HahaÖ so itís a bit early to be asking this, but I donít see any difference in the future, so I think that Iíll be going alone. Haha.

Well, this is quite an entry isnít it?


On a lighter note, guess what bio topic weíre doing now? Hahahaha. When you hear that laugh, you should know what Iím talking aboutÖ Yes! Itís sexual reproduction in animals. Hahaha. The class is being really mature about itÖ No giggles, nothing. I bet the muggers at the back are really not understanding much, but theyíre just too embarrassed to ask Mrs. Foo.. Hahaha.

Iíve started revision for the ĎOís already, and I can do practice papers for the 3 sciences alreadyÖ Haha. Yay!

Well, Iím halfway back into depressionÖ And I have to study today, so Iíll be ending this entry here. Ohhh and how can tag-board be so screwed? Reverting my board one month? WTH?

Haha. I want to go out soon with people who should know who they areÖ Good luck for exams k Juan?

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