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2008-02-17 : Grateful
My internet just Lost Sync again. I swear, if after next Thursday's line check the tech claims it's okay, and the CSO shows signs of asking me to call back when my problem is "more serious", (can you believe he was asking me to do that because my once-every-7-hour disconnection is "infrequent") he/she is going to have a seriously bad day.

Since I'm stuck out here while the rest of them are inside playing, I'm gonna blog.


I was thinking today. I'm sure many people have just one thing or two about themselves they'd like to change. Something they were born with.

Personally, i'd like to be another 5-7cm taller. And maybe have the birthmarks on the side of my face removed. I probably won't grow any more, I think my epipheseal plates have fused. That won't stop me from dreaming about it, though.

Did you know we have a rather high chance of being born with some defect? I think it was something like one in 200, which is rather high if you ask me. So I could easily have been born with a cleft lip, or a cleft palate, or spina bifida, or even something like beta thalassemia.

I guess I should be grateful that I don't have more flaws than I do.

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