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2004-12-06 : Showers are good.
This afternoon at 5pm i realised I hadn't showered for 26 hours. Now, you don't really want to know that do you? But there's nobody here, is there? I'm quite sure rach is still reading quite faithfully, aren't you rach? =) Haha.

Anyway, i was clearing out my desk today. Found lotsa stuff. I'm going to throw away most of the stuff like worksheets, unfinished homework, and most of the textbooks. So if you happen to want something, (esp chinese handbooks) just ask. Sms me or something. Admittedly it was kinda hard to tell which shou ce was which, but i'm sure with a good magnifying glass, you'll be able to realise that the smudges on the pages are actually words.

Nahh, just joking, they're in quite good condition. (i also have express s3 & s4 btw) I wonder... You know all those ancient chinese words which look like pictures? Maybe they're actually smeared, and they just LOOK like picture.

Ohhh-kay. I have an Alanis Morissette - So-Called Chaos Cd which is in mint condition, except for this stamp which says "promotional copy; not for sale", which you shall pretend you have not heard about. Anyway, it's genu-ine, and it's for sale!

I know they're selling it in record shops for 17.95, so i'm selling mine for 16. Come on. It's even got extra stuff! music video, making-of video, you can ask for the rest.

If you'd like the cd, i'd like the cash. Contact me.

written at 7:37 p.m.

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