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2004-08-31 : Piano Exam!
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Piano exam today at Katong mall. I think I’ll probably fail by 5 marks or something. The only think worth mentioning is that after I came out of the studio, there was the next person sitting on the sofas they had at the waiting area and it happened to be this above-average girl… =)

And she was looking at me quite anticipatorily, so I wished her good luck, and she asked me how it was, and that resulted in about 1.5 minutes of conversation.

Actually at the end of it all, I wanted to ask for her phone number, cos actually she was the one who had continued the conversation, but didn’t because I thought that 1.5 minutes was too short a time, that it would seem rather buaya…

And my sister says I should have asked. Sigh.

if in steps fate that’d be great…


Anyway. Must study tomorrow and stop being so desperate for close friends! Well stop seeming like I am, anyway. Can’t change what you really feel, can you?

At most you can camouflage or mask it, or distract yourself…

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