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2004-08-02 : Amath timed prac
Amath timed prac on Saturday. Haha. I had a terrible stomachache throughout the entire thing, so it’ll be amazing if I score well. I mean, how the heck do you think if your stomach hurts like hell? Managed quite a few questions nonetheless. Only 4 I couldn’t do? And 2 of those I actually could do…

Then after that went to watch I, Robot with Winn and Roger? Haha. It was a good movie. We had lunch at Subway before the movie.

It’s not a bad movie, but requires a bit of thought. A bit of background knowledge in Sci-fi helps.

Anyway, rather a good day. Lotsa funning.


Surreal. That’s the word I’d use to describe today. First, we had free periods. Two, because Ms Chong didn’t come. And those lucky people who haven’t had oral yet still haven’t had oral… haha. So the 5 of us with MP3 players were sitting around in class. Ho Wan was doing physics, I was doing physics, Roger was sharing a player with Zhong Ming, and Dawn was using Winn’s player. Haha. He was bullied into giving her the player again… Teddy was somewhere around Roger.

Everytime Winn asked for the player back, Dawn would make as if to stuff it down her blouse, and Winn would put his hand over his face and just let her use it… Haha.

So anyway, apparently Roger Winn ZhongMIng and Teddy were joking about eating Pizza Hut. Just a pipe dream. But in the end, somehow, they managed to decide to eat pizza and roped ho wan and myself in… Haha. So It was 6 people.

We used the English periods and Winn’s handphone to call Pizza Hut… Hehehe. Ordered 2 regular pizzas. It was buy 1 get 1 free, so we only had to pay *ahem* $43.89. And each of us got 4 slices of pizza. Haha.

We listened to 1 hour of music in class, and thereafter had pizza for lunch… Surreal, isn’t it?

Yup so we went to the hostel to eat.

Then after that we went to the KOC lit workshop. I think it was quite fun, but there wasn’t really much info. Still, one more session tomorrow and notes to be given as well… Might as well go.

Wanna see the receipt? Click Here


Hehe. Must study more. This lifestyle is becoming slightly unbalanced…

‘O’ level eng oral next wed!

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