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2004-07-11 : not so bad week=)
Well actually this week didn’t turn out to be too bad… Haha. Chem timed prac was just as good as I expected… That is to say not very good, but I think it shouldn’t be really bad either? Haha. I got that stupid question about the limewater in the last 10 minutes… Haha. But I didn’t know graphite could react with oxygen under such low temperature… Anyway. 2 marks is 2 marks. Muahaha.

And then after that I went to watch spiderman 2. With winn & roger. It’s really a great movie… Haha we took a taxi from school and the taxi driver was so chatty. He was talking to us the entire way. Oh and we made winn pay for the taxi… haha. Most of it anyway.

We went to century to watch.

We didn’t want to spend money on the snacks and popcorn at the candy bar (so damn ex. As usual.) so we went *ahem* down to shopnsave and bought *ahem* 6 cans of root beer and 3 packs stuff and one pack of waffle crisp? Haha.

Almost couldnt load it into our bags… Haha. Bet the usher was wondering why our bags were so full… Haha.

Spiderman is a good movie… It’s got a lot more humanity than the first installment. I almost cried a few times… and actually it’s quite sad, cos Otto Octavius isn’t really a bad guy… He’s just unlucky… And it was very noble of him to do what he did in the end… Sigh.


I confess. I liked her once. I still do… but I don’t think she’ll ever reciprocate or feel the same way about me, so as of today, I’m giving up. Wherever it goes, whatever. I’m tired of this sort of thing… Trying but not succeeding. I’m giving up for now. It’s not worth it to keep hurting and be ignored.


I’m so gonna die for emath timed prac. And Chinese test on Tuesday. Haha. And kiw threatened to ‘take action’ if we didn’t hand in our Chinese holiday homework, so I did one month’s worth of homework just now… I never want to see another Chinese word. But too bad, it’s a pipe dream. =(.

Half in a bad mood… Now I understand why people hate their parents… I don’t need parents. Just 1000 bucks a month. And preferably a room.

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