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2004-05-15 : Last Choir Performance
Heh. Well, that’s it. My last choir performance. Haha. Sad, isn’t it? Well at least I think it is. Today wasn’t really very frantic or anything. In fact, it was kinda slack.

We went out in the afternoon during lunch time. ‘We’ means Shifu, Michelle, JIngyi, Vicki, Diane, Jasmine Liu and myself. They let us off at around 12 after the first concert so we took a bus to Bugis. We just missed No. 12, so we had to wait… And all the rest except Diane and I were singing Chinese songs… We felt so left out. Haha.

Anyway, we got to bugis and it was quite late already. I went with Shifu and Jasmine to go top up Jasmine’s card… After that we rejoined the others. They were already at the neoprint machines…

Haha. I only knew where the neoprint machines were today… So Sk rite? Lol. Anyway, we went to take neos. Seven of us in the neoprint booth… Haha. And the photos are really small. But Vki and whoever else was decorating did a great job, and you can still see everyone’s faces.

We met so many DHS choir ppl there. Oh and I also saw sister, so we took a neocard… I took one with Shifu too.

We had to be back at 130 for Xingyao but we left at 145… Haha. Fortunately we had JIngyi with us (dang3 jian4 pai2!) and xingyao only started at 2. So we took a cab back and arrived 5 mins before xingyao started. Haha.

Xingyao was really interesting. Apparently Xingyao is the generic term for all these really old local songs… Like xi4 xhui3 chang2 liu2 is one… Haha. It was really interesting, and although we sabo-ed Shawn (hehe) and made him sing, it was quite fun! Not for Shawn though.

After that we had a few run-throughs. The dinner was alright. Not great, but definitely better then the one we had at Kaleidoscope 2 years ago. Haha. This one had black pepper chicken, mashed potato and long beans… Haha. Quite nice actually. So we went to change after that in the toilets beside the auditorium… I discovered that the school buys lousy doors… You can open the cubicle doors from the outside even when they’re locked… A 10cent coin does the trick. Haha.

Soon after, the CO room was turned into a gambling den as we played Daidee. Haha. Not long after was the concert. Ohh, and the EDS dance people looked so damn chio… Haha. Especially Jayne.. Didn’t recognize her at first, but she smiled and said hi, and I recognized the smile.. But she really looked different.

Our performance was good. I think it’s the best rendition of street calls I’ve heard so far? Anyway it so happens that our principal Mr Tan’s birthday is on Monday or something, so we sang him a birthday song… Haha. He looked quite touched.

Whew. What a long entry. But it has to be… And it’s only one day out of the entire week…


Ohh and I played guild wars to my heart’s content for the past 3 days. Anyone interested in seeing pictures of my on-screen character in only underwear, msg me for the photo and I’ll send you a copy..


ARGH! Why is nobody free to go for the RGS choir concert? Now what am I supposed to do? Ivee is pestering me to buy tickets… ARGH!


I might have been irritating to someone today… Sorry ok? Forgive your tudi’s rash acts… Heh.

Well, I blew my allowance again. I have 25 bucks left. And this has to feed me for the rest of the month, pay for the RGS choir ticket and EDS dance night at the same time AND flowers for both concerts. Wow. How am I going to do it?

Heh. Use angbao money again, I suppose.

I don’t want to leave choir…

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